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Richard H Lock
Richard H LockPrincipal Consultant
Hello there, and thanks for taking an interest in our people development solutions.

My name is Richard Lock and I am the founder of RHL Associates, which I started in 1998. I have been a learning and development professional for approaching 30 years.

RHL Associates have worked with a wide variety of clients across many business sectors. These range from Multi national organisations employing hundreds of thousands of people, to family businesses, through to individuals who are seeking to develop their own skills.

Our focus is on highly participative learning solutions that engage, motivate and inspire learners to put new skills and behaviours into practice, adding real and tangible value.

We like nothing better then the opportunity to build real and long term relationships with clients. It means we are able to genuinely understand the issues and challenges they face and deliver learning solutions that are practical and cost effective. It’s great to be able to feel part of the team.

Why not get in touch and let us know what your development challenges are. It’s always good to be able to share thoughts and ideas. You never know where it may lead.

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