Procrastination is a time thief.

Procrastination. Are you prone to putting things off? Do you find yourself easily distracted? Anything to avoid really focusing on what you know you need to do? Worse still, do you then get really frustrated and down on yourself for being so stupid and wasting so much of your valuable time?

I came across this TED talk from Tim Urban recently entitled ‘Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator’. It’s a humorous look at what happens in our heads when we put things off.  As Tim points out, that procrastination is something that we all do. It’s just that some of us are much worse/better (depending on your view) at it than others.

I really like the notion of the rational decision maker, the distraction monkey and the panic monster. Clear and fun characters we are all likely to be able to relate to. I imagine few people will be able to watch the talk without laughing and saying to themselves ‘I do that’.

Procrastination means fighting time.

Many people feel that they are constantly fighting a battle with time. That may be because they simply have too much to do, but typically that is just the excuse. The reality is usually different. People procrastinate, have unclear goals and very hazy or non existent priorities. People feel pushed and pulled into fire fighting what seems urgent rather than organizing to spend their time on what gets the best results.

What can I do about procrastination?

In the talk, Tim doesn’t really offer solutions. He makes the issue crystal clear and leaves us to find our own way through the maze.  That’s where I can help. Once you have enjoyed the video, take a look at my online Time Management Course. It will lead you through the key steps, tools, tips and strategies to really get the most from your time and greatly reduce the time you spend procrastinating. Using my link will get you a 50% discount .