Conflict resolution provides the chance to grow.

We all experience conflict, and the need for conflict resolution, as part of our professional and personal everyday lives. In conflict situations we have the tendency to focus on what we don’t want, rather than focus on what we do want. The chances of successfully resolving a dispute improve greatly when we focus on the quality of relationships and attach the same importance to the other person’s needs as our own, treating people with honesty, respect and understanding.

Understanding the needs and behaviours of  everyone involved, and working together to find solutions rather than degrading others is the key to conflict resolution and success.

Here’s how the workshop Conflict Resolution – Communicate and Grow will help you build your conflict management skills

  • Gain confidence in your ability to deal with conflict situations

  • Understand different conflict styles and identify your personal preferences

  • Be able to recognise the different stages of conflict escalation

  • Be able to listen with empathy

  • Be able to express needs and requests clearly and confidently

  • Deal with anger, criticism and attacks constructively


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Example workshop content.

What exactly is conflict

Understanding different conflict styles and their impact

How to use the four stages of constructive communication effectively

Exploring the needs, interests and requirements of oneself and others

Expressing specific requests and action proposals clearly and effectively

Dealing with accusations, verbal attacks and insults.

Workshop style and methods

All workshops are customized to match the needs of the target audience as much as possible.

Workshops are highly participative and provide plenty of opportunity for delegates to share ideas, experiences and opinions.

Conflict situations are analyzed

There are lots of opportunities to practice and develop the behaviours explored

Feedback is encouraged from both trainer and fellow learners to broaden the experience

It's the start that stops most people

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