60 Second Manager – K.I.S.S.

60 Second Manager - Keep it Simple Good managers and good leaders work hard to keep things simple, or K.I.S.S. as it is sometimes called. We live in a complicated world, or at least that's what we say. But people are really very good at making things much more complicated than they need [...]

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60 second manager – killer question

Every manager should ask this killer question. Are you a manager? As a general rule, managers don't ask enough questions. Here's one killer question that can really make a difference to how you manage your people. The question is, 'what do you think?' Now that may seem obvious, but you'll be [...]

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Procrastination: why put off today what you can delay tomorrow?

Procrastination is a time thief. Procrastination. Are you prone to putting things off? Do you find yourself easily distracted? Anything to avoid really focusing on what you know you need to do? Worse still, do you then get really frustrated and down on yourself for being so stupid and wasting so much of your valuable [...]

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Performance Feedback – your opinion counts

Performance Feedback - Your Opinion Counts When I'm working with people in organisations, large and small, one of the comments I frequently hear is "we don't get enough feedback". Now that's rarely the case. However, what the people are really saying is "we don't get enough good quality performance feedback".  "We don't understand [...]

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